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From the Members area, selecting "Tracking' will bring up the Tracking Summary page, which lists your lookup history by day, with the most recent days first. It also shows you the number of books you looked up and the number of books you rated.

By selecting a day, you can see the tracking detail for that day. The Tracking Detail page lists each item you looked up on that day. It shows the Asin, title, salesrank and pricing information for each item.

You can select the ASIN and see a complete detail page on the Item. You can also edit the condition, cost and note fields here.

At the bottom of the Tracking Detail you can decide which log records to select, All, Rated (those items with either a condition, cost or note), or Unrated (those items without any condition, cost or note).

You can also sort the records on virtually any field or change pages.

NOTE: You MUST do an Update to save any changes you may have made to your results (setting condition, making a note, etc).

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