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Finding the Numbers

When entering books into BookScoutPRO, there are 3 types of identifying numbers you can use, ISBNs, EANs and UPCs.


The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 10 digit number assigned to all books published since 1970. Usually the ISBN is located somewhere on the back cover of the book. With more modern books you will usually find the ISBN with or near any barcodes on the book, but it could be anywhere on the back of the book.

An Example ISBN
Figure 1

If the ISBN is not on the back cover, you will need to check the copyright page (usually the first few pages in any book). The ISBN should be listed there.

The ISBN may or may not have dashes, may have the dashes in different positions, and may not have the ISBN identifier. When entering the ISBN, ignore any dashes, just enter the digits.


The EAN, also known as the Bookland EAN, is a 13 digit number that always starts with 978. It will always appear with its associated bar code.

The are basically 2 formats for the EAN, one that includes a pricing addon (fig 2) and one that does not (fig 3). You do not need to enter the digits associated with the price addon, but if you do they will be ignored.

An Example EAN with Price Addon
Figure 2
An Example EAN
Figure 3

Often the ISBN will also appear above a Bookland EAN, as shown in fig 4.

An Example EAN with ISBN
Figure 4


The UPC (Universal Product Code) is a 12 digit number and its associated bar code. UPCs usually appear on books that were distributed in venues other than bookstores, like grocery and department stores.

An Example UPC
Figure 5

When entering a UPC it is important to remember that you need the entire number, including the 2 smaller numbers somewhat outside the barcode.


Older books do not have ISBNs, EANs or UPCs, they may have an SBN (Standard Book Number), LCCN (Library of Congress Catalog Number), or ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). These are not yet supported by BookScoutPRO.

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