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Basic Requirements

To use the BookScoutPRO service you need a device (cell phone, smartphone, tablet, sidekick, blackberry, etc) that has EITHER:

  • A WAP compatible browser that
    • supports WML 1.1
    • supports HTTP POST method
    • with access to the internet.
  • An HTML Web browser that
    • supports HTML 3.2+
    • supports HTTP POST method
    • with access to the internet.

Almost all devices produced in the last few years have at least one browser, some devices support both, in that case use the HTML browser since it is much more flexible.

If you are not sure your device is compatible, sign up for a free trial and see. We are always willing to work with you to correct any issues, but if it doesnt work on your device, just cancel your subscription at no charge.

You can also access the service via any PC connected to the internet. A Ver 6.0+ browser is reccomended.

Amazon MWS

Amazon MWS is the web service that allows us to fetch pricing and other information directly from Amazon in realtime. It is a FREE service provided by Amazon to eligible Amazon sellers to help them sell on Amazon.

In order for BookScoutPRO to fetch pricing information from Amazon for you, you must register for MWS and authorize us to do so. Click Here for more information.

Scanner Support

BookScoutPRO supports most device/barcode scanner configurations. While this is highly device/scanner dependant, in general if the scanner can input the barcode into the BookScoutPRO form, it should work. We have had positive results using the Flic scanner and a blackberry.

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