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The Lookup Screen

The basic default Lookup Screen will look something like this, depending on your device:

Web Browser
Susan (198/45) A US

WAP Browser
Susan (198/45) 1 US
Submit - Log

The first line is the Status Bar. It shows your Username (Suzan), The number of books you have looked up today (198), the number of books you have rated today (45), the current profile (A for web, 1 for wap), and the current Amazon Locale (US).

Following that is the entry textbox, where you enter your numbers to lookup. On a WAP browser you will see numbered entry fields to enter your numbers into (you can set the number of entry fields in 'Options').

PDA users will see a Lookup button to do the lookup, WAP users will see a 'Submit' link. Some cell phones will also allow you to 'submit' or 'accept' the form from the browsers menu.

Finally there is a link to the Lookup Log, which keeps track of all your lookup activity for the day.

When you process the lookup your results will appear first, followed by another lookup box. Any entries that produced an error will be placed in the lookup box so they can be corrected.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Merriam-...
087779930X - Mass Market Paperback
Ed: New Rev
SR: 485
New 53 - Used 20 - Coll 3

New 2.95 2.98 2.98
Uln 4.00 4.94  
Uvg 5.00   
Cln 6.49 6.50  
EbyS 6.84 6.99 7.25


1 Items Tot 1.388 secs
Amz 0.211 Proc 0.553

Susan (198/45)


Now you can see the results of the lookup and if you choose (and you have tracking turned on), you can grade the book, record the cost, or make a note. If you have Detail Links turned on, you can see the Detail screen for any item.

And of course, the exact format of the results is up to you (see 'Profiles & Templates'), this was just an example.

Depending upon which venues and options you have selected, you will see the following abbreviations.

New Amazon New
Uln Amazon Used Like New
Uvg Amazon Used Very Good
Ugd Amazon Used Good
Uac Amazon Used Acceptable
Cln Amazon Collectible Like New
Cvg Amazon Collectible Very Good
Cgd Amazon Collectible Good
Cac Amazon Collectible Acceptable
Abe Abebooks
AliN Alibris New
AliU Alibris Used
Bib Biblio
EbyA eBay Auctions
EbyS eBay Stores
HlfN New
HlfU Used
TbxN TextbookX New
TbxU TextbookX Used

Below that is the Processing Info, how many items where looked up and how long it took. You can see the total processing time as well as how long it took each venue (Amazon, AbeBooks) to process and how long BookScoutPRO processing took.

NOTE: If you have tracking turned on, you MUST do a lookup to save any changes you may have made to your results (setting condition, making a note, etc). It is ok to do a lookup with nothing in the textbox.

You can turn off both the Status Bar and Processing Info from the Options page.

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