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Entering the Numbers


When entering ISBNs just enter the 10 digit number, without any dashes or punctuation.

NOTE: If you are using a Wap Browser AND have Wap Numlock On, for ISBNs that end in 'X', simply leave it off the end and BookScoutPRO will add it.


When entering EANs just enter the 13 digit number, beginning with 978. It is not necessary to enter the 5 digit price addon, but if you do it will be ignored (great for scanner users).


When entering a UPC just enter the 12 digit number. It is important to remember that you need the entire number, including the 2 smaller numbers somewhat outside the barcode.

Note: You may enter any combination of ISBNs, EANs and UPCs in the entry box, BookScoutPRO will process each as neccesary.

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