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The Detail Screen

If you have Detail Links turned on (see 'Options') then each item's Id will be a hyperlink to the Detail screen. This allows you to 'dig' a little further on an item if need be.

The Detail screen shows you all the information we have for that item. Data on the Detail screen is displayed in its entirety, titles and such are NOT trimmed.

Optionally, at the bottom of the detail screen will be the seller lists. These can be enabled from the Options Screen for each venue. The information presented varies slightly from venue to venue.

Abe - The price and the sellers name.
Alibris - The price and the sellers name.
Biblio - Sellers List Not Available
eBay - The price, sellers name, # of feedbacks and feedback rating.

NOTE: Currently the format of the detail screen is not configurable, but it has been optimised to display reasonably on most devices.

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