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Connecting to BookScoutPRO

Determining Your Device type

Before BookScoutPRO can communicate with your device we have to know what type of internet browser it has, WEB or WAP.

In general most newer phones and virtually all PDAs have an HTML compliant browser, or in other words, a WEB browser similar to the internet browser on your PC.

Older cell phones usually have a WML compliant browser, or a WAP browser. WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) is an older method of accessing the internet from a mobile device.

Usually the easiest way to determine your browser type is to look in your device's users guide under Internet or Web Browsing. If you see References to WML, WAP, WAP 2.0, etc you have a WAP browser. If you see references to HTML then you have a WEB browser.

If you dont have access to the users guide they are usually available online at the manufacturers website, or you can try googling for your phone model. If you are unsure of the type of browser on your device just send us an email with the model number and we can figure it out.

Some devices (like the Sidekick 3) support both WEB and WAP. In this case you want to use the WEB browser since its much more flexible and less restrictive than WAP.

Where to Go

If your device has an HTML Compliant Web Browser
To Login Automatically use
    replace XXXXXX with your username and YYYYYY with your password

If your device has a WAP compatible Browser
To Login Automatically use
    replace XXXXXX with your username and YYYYYY with your password

The easiest way to use BookScoutPRO is to use the Automatic Login URL shown above and add it in your devices bookmarks. Now you can simply go to the bookmark and be automatically logged in and ready to do lookups. Consult your device's users guide for more information on setting your bookmarks.

If you dont use the Automatic Login URL you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Remember that both your username and password are CaSe SeNsItIvE and MUST be entered exactly!

Once you are logged in you will see the Lookup Screen.

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