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Politically Correct Bedtime Stories: Modern Tales
002542730X - Hardcover
Rank 26,971
New 57 - Used 96 - Coll 30
New 2.95 2.98 2.98
Uln 4.00 4.94  
Cln 6.49 6.50  
Abe 7.22 7.56 8.05
Bib 4.45 4.89 6.05
EbyS 6.05 6.40 6.95
AliU 6.35 6.49 6.85
HlfU 6.25 6.59 7.25

Developed by Professional Bookscouts, BookScoutPRO allows you to get Realtime Book Prices on virtually any web-enabled mobile device. Smartphones, Cell Phones, Tablets, Sidekicks, Blackberry, and more!. And it Supports most Barcode Scanners too!

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BookScoutPRO works 'right out of the box', No software to download, Nothing to install, No compicated configuration required. Just pick the venues you want to see prices from and start pricing. As you get more comfortable with the system, you will find a fully configurable display, lookup history, extensive export support and a ton of options so you can tailor BookScoutPRO to your specific needs.

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